Assessments & Consulting

Whether it be financial, your waistline, or performance, putting in an accountability framework is a method that enables us all to reach our goals.  Years of research and experience with Canada’s best athletes, coaches, and exercise enthusiasts has allowed us to develop our unique individualized assessments. Let us help you anchor YOUR training to YOUR unique physiology!

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Know what matters. Measure what matters. Change what matters.

We pride ourselves on the validity and reliability of our assessments and continue to do applied research to develop innovative assessment and training protocols through our BETA program. This means that if we say you have improved, you can rest easy that you are on the right track.


Advanced Vo2 Max / Threshold Assessment

Not all assessments are created equally. This premium assessment was hand crafted using over a decade of technology and scientific review. The assessment looks under the hood of how big your aerobic engine is, and how hot you can run it all in one session.  Using state of the art technology our results allow you to anchor your training to your physiology. No more guess work, no more trial and error. Time to look inward, this is you!

Performance Consulting

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Credibility. Honesty. Innovation.

Use the performance consulting services that professional athletes, sport organizations, and industry leaders use to optimize exercise, and lifestyle performance. Come with questions, leave with answers and strategies you can count on.

Running Economy

Running Economy

Did you know that the shoes you wear, the strength program you do, and even your running technique, all effect the amount of oxygen you use to run at a particular pace. Let us measure your economy to pick the best racing shoes, monitor your return in investment from strength programs, and see if you can gain speed through efficiency.

DEXA - Advanced Total Body Composition Scan

The fundamental similarity between nearly all sports is the need to optimize the ratio of strength and power to mass.

Having a criterion measure of body compositions is imperative. Enter the DEXA scan! This low dose X-ray system is the criterion measure for  measurement of lean, fat and bone tissue assessment. Not only do we quantify mass of these elements, but we can look at L-R imbalances if your have experienced and injury, or have strong and weak sides.

Power Based Course Simulation

Don’t let race day be the first time you experience your race! The secret weapon of podium athletes is taking out the guesswork of their race plans by simulating race day long before the toe the line. Understand how changes in your weight, power, or aerodynamics effect race day outcomes long before you hit the start line.

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