Scientifically Enhanced Training

The Science of Cycling program offers enhanced training experiences for both Road or Mountain Bike cyclists. Purchasing a membership to our coaching services result in  specifically designed programs that help motivated individuals reach and exceed their most ambitious goals.

Programming solutions for all levels

Whether your goal is to reach an international podium,  prepare for a Gran Fondo, complete a charity ride, not get dropped on local group rides, or simply  maximize the effectiveness of your time spent training, we have the expertise and resources to make these requests a reality!


Train Safely at Home

Perhaps more than ever, it’s important for all of us to have consistent access to exercise for both physical and mental well-being. Our online training programs can be performed in the safety of your own home and are renown for being immersive, efficient, and effective.  

Our coaches have the experience to custom tailor your workouts on a variety of software platforms including Training Peaks, Zwift, Trainer Road, Full Gaz, and more.  Additionally, we have worked with a variety of different indoor trainer setups so are familiar with how to help you troubleshoot and optimize your training eco-system.

Membership Options

* Many allied health services are covered under third party insurance programs. Please inquire for integration.

Immersive. Efficient. Effective.

Don’t let COVID get you down this winter!

Join our team and progress towards your goals!

Membership Features 

Custom Periodization

Reaching your goals depends on clearly knowing what they are, and then having an excellent plan in place. A performance roadmap (or Yearly Training Plan) available with Podium packages is developed in the first few weeks of the program and outlines how training and life can be optimally integrated to minimize barriers and achieve goals. By acknowledging and incorporating significant family, work and training events, clients are empowered to enjoy the time they spend training.

File Analysis

Getting better requires critically reflecting on your training.

What went well? What went poorly? What can be learned?

Consistent application of these principles, and incorporating small adjustments to training where appropriate allows individuals to train harder and smarter.

Modifications & Responsiveness

Family, Work, Weather. Things happen. Distractions are inevitable.

If you run into these threats to your program don’t let them derail you. We will help you solve the Rubix cube that is integrating training while having a family, kids, etc.

Together we can ensure your time is optimized and your challenges minimized. Remember, you are doing this because you enjoy it!



“That which you measure, changes”.

Our coaches /sport scientist creates a framework of accountability not only for yourself but for our programming.

If you are not responding to the training, we will catch it and adjust it accordingly. Similarly, if you are not executing the workouts as planned, we will also catch that. 

Throughout the program we will conduct sub-maximal or maximal assessments to both prescribe and describe your physiological response to work. 


What coaching package should I get?

Introduction – for the recreational cyclist who is looking for 2-3 strucutred workouts per week to improve fitness and performance, custom programming, and personalized feedback.

Elite – for the motivated cyclist who rides 3-5 X wk, is looking for accountability and support to make performance gains, and who is preparing for a race.

Podium – for the highly motivated cyclist who rides daily, who recognizes time is the most valuable asset and therfore needs the most efficient forms of training, who has specific performance targets, and who is looking for intimate help and achieved new levels.

What equipment do I need to train with you?

In general, its preferred that we have the ability to monitor some form of physiological stress that occurs due to training. The most basic way to do this is by capturing heart rate data through a heart rate strap or watch. Increasing the variables monitored through a speed and cadence sensor, or power meter increases the fidelity of both interpreting and prescribing load. 

What online training applications do you work with?

We have the capability to deliver programming through a variety of online cycling platforms. We have experience with Trainer Road, Training Peaks, Ziwft, FUL Gas and others to ensure your indoor training rides are both fun and effective.  

Do you have month-to-month services, or do I have to sign a 12-month commitment?

We understand that sometimes opportunities to be involved in events can come up quickly with minimal time to prepare. We offer month-to month membership options for individuals who need quick and short term access to our expertise to prepare for an event. 

Do you have non-membership programming?

While we do not believe in static templated programs, we do offer a series of testing services which are accompanied by a training block prescription (usually 12 weeks). This allows individuals to come get an assessment, and have a personally tailored program for a short period of time. 

What happens at the end of my membership term?

Clients have the option to renew for another term, or terminate membership. Many clients find that once their race is complete that they like to continue training due to the consistent feedback, and time effective methods used. This allows them to figure out what their new adventure will be! In the event you don’t want to renew membership your coach will downgrade and detach your Training Peaks account to a free Basic Training Peaks Account. This means that you get to keep all of your files and programming while you were coached by us. The account belongs to you. You can upgrade to a Premium Training Peaks Account on your own and regain the advanced analytics if you’d like.