Meet Daryl

Daryl Hurrie


Chief Operating Officer.

Sport Scientist.


Strength Coach.

The Mad Sport Scientist

He’s been called the Mad Sport Scientist, but his unique approach to training is anything but “Mad”. Daryl’s obsession with human performance has immersed him in both the scientific literature, as well as self experimentation. The marriage of both theoretical and practical experience over the years has allowed Daryl to become a premier Sport Science consultant in the country and is the reason he is sought out by the highest level of coaches and athletes.

Performance. Outside of the Box Thinking.

Helping an athlete become the best in the world is a daunting task. Now imagine doing this across different sports with very unique demands. By thinking outside the box, and breaking down sports excellence into basic physiological processes, Daryl has managed to help prepare athletes from several sports for international success. He has assisted Olympians in Archery, Curling, Cycling, Rowing, Speed Skating, Swimming, Triathlon and Volleyball and Paralympians in Triathlon, and Wheelchair Basketball. An attractive resume of results has landed him consultant roles with professional teams like the Winnipeg Jets, and Men’s Sr National Soccer Team. Daryl’s systematic approach to thinking doesn’t just lend itself to helping individual athletes, he has partnered with numerous National Sport Organizations, Provincial Sport Organizations and Corporations in their quest to compete at the highest level.

Education. Leadership.

Daryl has worked his entire life in exercise delivery. Daryl’s holds a PhD of Applied Helath Sciences from the University of Manitoba. His dissertation was a series of projects focusing on Exercise and Extreme Environments. He also completed his Masters of Exercise Physiology and Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science at the University of Manitoba.

He is a Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology – Certified Exercise Physiologist and a Certified Personal Trainer Course Facilitator. He has mentored students through a Sport Science Apprentice program at the University of Manitoba which he created and ran for several years, in addition to being the lead for the sports physiology rounds for the Pan Am Sport Medicine Fellowship. He is on the advisory board of the National Strength and Conditioning Associating – Manitoba Region and has served on the National Sport Science and Sport Medicine Advisory Council.

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From a young age my parents instilled a particular set of values “your best effort is always good enough” and “theres no substitution for hard work”. My parents grew up as farmers from a small town in rural Manitoba before moving to the “big city” to start a family. I took their simple advice and apply it to most everything I do, school, work, family. If you truly give it your best shot, and don’t succeed there is no shame in that! There is no magic, just hard work, consistently applied and most of the time, this will yield the desired results. This is what I bring to the table with every client, every day, every goal. I’ve worked exceptionally hard the past 12 years to ensure that my clients receive the most comprehensive services I can give them supported by the latest science. I’m a lifelong learner and look forward to helping people knock on the door of the impossible.