Scientifically Enhanced Training

The Science of Running program is a coached experience designed to achieve your most ambitious goals on two legs. Whether you are training for a charity run, your first marathon, trying to qualify for Boston, or finish an Ultramarathon, this experience is designed for you.



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Separate from the Pack

Membership Features


What membership option should I get?

Introduction – for the recreational runner who is looking for 2-3 strucutred workouts per week to improve fitness and performance, custom programming, and personalized feedback. Usually these are first time 1/2 or full marathoners, or those going into charity runs. 

Elite – for the motivated runner who runs 3-5 X wk, is looking for accountability and support to make performance gains, and who is preparing for a race or a specific personal best.

Podium – for the highly motivated runer who runs most days, recognizes time is the most valuable asset and therfore needs the most efficient forms of training, who has specific performance targets, and who is looking for intimate help and achieved new levels.

What equipment do I need to train with you?

In general, its preferred that we have the ability to monitor some form of physiological stress that occurs due to training. The most basic way to do this is by capturing heart rate data through a heart rate strap or watch. Increasing the variables monitored through a gps speed or cadence sensor, increases the fidelity of both interpreting and prescribing load. Novel running power meters are also available. These devices are not necessary to successfully execute a training plan, but if you intend on getting one of these units and would like recommendations, we would be glad to help! 

What are running specific assessments that might help guide my training / performance?

We conduct 3 types of assessments that benefit runners. Our VO2 max assessment allows runners to understand the size of their aerobic engine. This test allows runners to track improvments in fitness as well as set realistic marathon and 1/2 marathon goals based on the realtionship between this fitness parameter and finishing times. Our running threshold assessment allows runners to very specifically identify race pace using state of the art, non-invasive muscle oxygen sensors. This is helpful for both planning training as well as race strategies. Our running economy test allows runners to identify the effects that different shoes will have on race pace, as well as the effect that strength training programs or different training intervlas have on their performance.  Read More….

What online training applications do you work with?

Running technology has come a long way. We have the capability to deliver programming through a variety of online runing platforms. We setup each client with a Premium Training Peaks account to communicate and deliver our programming. These programs can be integrated with virtual running platforms such as Zwift to enhance indoor training runs to make sure they are both fun and effective. 

Do you have month-to-month services, or do I have to sign a 12-month commitment?

We understand that sometimes opportunities to be involved in events can come up quickly with minimal time to prepare. We offer month-to-month membership options for individuals who need quick and short term access to our expertise to prepare for an event. 

What happens at the end of my membership term?

Clients have the option to renew for another term, or terminate membership. Many clients find that once their race is complete that they like to continue training due to the consistent feedback, and time effective methods used. This allows them to figure out what their new adventure will be! In the event you don’t want to renew membership your coach will downgrade and detach your Training Peaks account to a free Basic Training Peaks Account. This means that you get to keep all of your files and programming while you were coached by us. The account belongs to you. You can upgrade to a Premium Training Peaks Account on your own and regain the advanced analytics if you’d like.